David Birley, Trustee

David Birley is the Environment Director of non-profit consultancy Safe Neighbourhoods Unit where he specialises in regeneration and environmental improvement initiatives in deprived communities in the UK. Previous employment includes three years running a programme of community safety projects at the Home Office (1985-88), managing the innovative Recycling City initiative at Friends of the Earth (1990-1992) and running his own small business. David has published widely on community safety, environmental improvement and waste recycling.

David offers a point of continuity on the Board of Trustees, as he has been an ICT Trustee for over 15 years, serving as ICT Chairman for 8 years (1997-2005). His expertise in HR related issues and organisational change have been invaluable to ICT. As ICTís previous Chairman, David played an important role in developing and implementing ICTís 5YSP with Maggie O'Grady.

David, 51, lives with his wife and one of his two teenage girls, just outside London, on the New River, in Hertfordshire.

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