David Birley, Trustee

David Birley is the Environment Director of non-profit consultancy Safe Neighbourhoods Unit where he specialises in regeneration and environmental improvement initiatives in deprived communities in the UK. Previous employment includes three years running a programme of community safety projects at the Home Office (1985-88), managing the innovative Recycling City initiative at Friends of the Earth (1990-1992) and running his own small business. David has published widely on community safety, environmental improvement and waste recycling.

David offers a point of continuity on the Board of Trustees, as he has been an ICT Trustee for over 15 years, serving as ICT Chairman for 8 years (1997-2005). His expertise in HR related issues and organisational change have been invaluable to ICT. As ICT`s previous Chairman, David played an important role in developing and implementing ICT`s 5YSP with Maggie O'Grady.

David, 51, lives with his wife and one of his two teenage girls, just outside London, on the New River, in Hertfordshire.

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