Maggie Powell, Trustee

Maggie Powell graduated in German and French University of Leicester followed by a Masters of Public Health from University of Sydney. Maggie worked for in the UK for the NHS in a policy role and for VSO in developing institutional programme funding. She lived in Japan for 8 years and in 1980s researched and wrote Health Care in Japan while also active with Refugees International Japan, an all volunteer organisation that raises and disburses funds to refugees in Asia, Africa and Europe. She is now living in UK and is the Project Manager Japan for GAP Activity Projects, placing young (post school) volunteers on 6-month assignments. Maggie has broad Board and management experience.

With more than 20 years in international health, development, fundraising, project development and management experience in government and non-profit sectors in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and USA, Maggie brings a wealth of knowledge to ICT.

She and her husband reside in the UK and have one daughter.

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