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ICT is proud to be a member of the Make Poverty History campaign joining a wide cross-section of nearly 100 charities, campaigns, trade unions, faith groups and celebrities who are united by a common belief that 2005 offers an unprecedented opportunity for global change. There may never again be such a chance for a British Government, with the help of the British public, to transform the world for good and radically change the face of world poverty. These opportunities include; The UK hosting the G8 meeting in Scotland in July, the UK presidency of the EU, The UK leading an International Commission for Africa and the 20th anniversary of Live Aid. 

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Today the gap between the world`s rich and poor is wider than ever. Global injustices such as poverty, AIDS, malnutrition, conflict and literacy remain rife. Despite the promises of world leaders, at our present sluggish rates of progress the world will fall dismally short of reaching the internationally agreed targets to halve global poverty by 2015.

World poverty is sustained not by chance or nature but by a combination of factors; injustice in global trade, the huge burden of debt, insufficient and ineffective aid. Each of these is exacerbated by inappropriate economic policies imposed by rich countries like ours.

But it doesn`t have to be this way. These factors are determined by human decisions.

2005 offers an exceptional series of opportunities for the UK to take lead internationally, to start turning things around. Next year, as the UK hosts the annual G8 gathering powerful world leader and heads up the European Union, the UK government will be a particularly influential player on the world stage.

By mobilising popular support across a unique string of events and actions we will press out own Government to compel rich countries to fulfil their obligations and promises to help eradicate poverty and rethink some long help assumptions.

MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY urges the Government and international decision makers to rise to the challenge of 2005. We are calling for urgent and meaningful policy change on three inextricably linked areas; trade, debt and aid. 

See the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY website for further information.
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