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What is the background of the children who need sponsoring$
Children in ICT`s child sponsorship scheme are already part of ICT projects and have already been identified by project staff to be �in need of assistance`. Many of the children in the scheme are former street children or have been displaced by conflict or natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami or who have been abused or neglected by their families.

Why should I sponsor a child$
Child sponsorship is a long-term commitment to support the day-to-day costs of raising a child in a developing country. By covering these costs you are freeing up money for new initiatives such as health centres, outreach work or building expansion which enables our partners to assist even more children.


Can I choose who I sponsor$
You can select if you would like to sponsor a boy or a girl. You can also select if you would like to sponsor a child in Kenya, India, Sri Lanka. If you have no preference then ICT will select a child on your behalf where it is felt the need is greatest.

How does the child benefit$
�20 a month from you goes pays for care, shelter, food, clothing, school uniforms, books and basic health car for a child for a month. Children also benefit emotionally from knowing that there are people in another country that care enough to support them.


Do other children in the community also benefit$
Yes, although you are linked to one particular child, some of the money that you donate will be spent on work that will benefit all the children in that project. ICT believes it is very important that all the children are helped equally and one is not favoured over another. The child you sponsor is therefore your link to the children as a group, but does not receive any special privileges over children who are not sponsored.

What will I receive$
You will receive a photograph and description of the child shortly after you sign up to be a sponsor. You will then receive at least one update per year about the child`s progress as well as a letter or card from the child. In addition, you will receive ICT`s newsletter twice a year which will update you on the whole of ICT`s work.


Can I write and send gifts to my sponsored child$
Yes, you may write to the child that you sponsor. If they can write, then the sponsored child will write back, if they cannot, then their social worker or guardian will do so on their behalf. You may also send gifts, but ICT requests that you only send small gifts or things that can be shared by all the children in the project. It is unfair for one child to receive an expensive gift when so many other children do not receive anything. For the protection of the children, all letters and gifts must be sent via the project staff to ensure the content is appropriate before handing them over to the child.

Can I visit my sponsored child$
Yes, you may visit the child you sponsor but this must be arranged through the project staff to ensure that your planned visit is convenient for them. In the interest of child protection, ICT will conduct a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure on all sponsors who wish to visit their sponsored children. You will be accompanied by project staff at all times during your visit and you will not be permitted to take the child away from the project area.


What happens when the child I sponsor leaves the programme$
When a child turns 18 years old or leaves the ICT project to seek work or is reunited with his/her family, then he/she is no longer eligible for sponsorship. When this happens, ICT will inform the sponsor and offer you an alternative child to support. ICT works with many vulnerable children, all of whom need support.

What happens if I have to stop sponsoring a child$
If, for unforeseen circumstances you become unable to continue to sponsor a child, ICT will do its best to find a replacement sponsor. It is very helpful, however, if you are able to warn ICT that you need to stop your sponsorship in advance, to give us time to allocate that child to a new sponsor.



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