Sponsor a child like Rushi today:

Rushi is 4 years old and attends the ICT-supported crèche in India.

His entire family live in a single room. His father is an agricultural labourer earning very little money. Because the crèche is in Rushi’s village, he is able to learn to read and write as well as play games with other children of his age. If the crèche was not there Rushi would have to stay at home all day.

Child sponsorship pays for Rushi’s school unifom, his books and a nutritious lunchtime meal - all of which ensure that he can have the best possible start in life.

Rushi’s story is perhaps not as dramatic, or quite as desperate, as many that we could have told. Rushi’s attendance at the crèche may not sound much - but to Rushi and his family, it means everything.

Quite simply, by becoming a Child Sponsor today you can change a young person’s life.

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