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Makandura Village Projects (MVP) was set up as a practical response to child poverty. Many children who have missed out on much of their schooling in their early years, due to conflict/displacement/poverty adapt quickly and thrive academically. Others do not do so well academically and do not enjoy school. These youngsters are unemployed and unemployable and so they cannot enrol in government training colleges.

MVP builds self-esteem and values each youngster's individual plan to achieve financial independence. As a result of MVP's ongoing consultation process, many youngsters have been able to make it very clear that they do not want to continue with their studies, but would prefer to be trained in marketable skills, move out of MVP and begin their own independent lives. Some of the youngsters who fall into this group have gained many practical skills and have already been working to contribute to their family incomes for many years.

MVP identified the needs of the local community, so that the training implemented would lead to acquisition of marketable skills. There is a demand in the community for skills in professional Vehicle Engineering and Commercial and Domestic Sewing plus casual training for boys in the children's centre in carpentry, construction and agricultural development. New courses, including computer and office skills training will be added and sited in renovated and extended workshops.

Trainees are males and females from 14 to 21, from the MVP Children's Centres, from the war zones or from the poorest social sector. They receive a small allowance during their practical studies.

Trainees help defray MVP costs and get practical experience by supervised working during training for the benefit of the project and community; e.g., helping to construct new project buildings, making project furniture, sewing school uniforms, costumes, and clothes for resident kids, repairing project vehicle and engines. All the young people who trained have found well-paid work or are earning a good living, working freelance

Girls and young women in particular benefit from training. They can then find work in nearby clothing factories or can earn money by sewing for their neighbours.

Children's Centre - Car Mechanics

Mr R.S. Patebendigai
Makandura Village Projects
Gonawila 60170
North West Province
Sri Lanka

Tel & Fax: (0094) 312 299 698
Email: [email protected]
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